Santali Typing Tool Ho̠ṛ katha for Desktop

Santali Unicode typing tool Ho̠ṛ katha. Now this tinny tool available for both Desktop and android versions. Much simpler than other santali typing tools.

OS Platform: Windows 7 to upeer versions.

Minimum Required Microsoft dot Net Framework: 3.5

First Released on 2011

Developer: Samar M Soren, Firoz Ahmed

New Version Interface Design: Dewan Faruque Ahmed.

Updated on 2018.


Just Download and Run the .EXE file. Use f10 button for Santali Writing. Santali diacritical marks are assigned in w,x,y,z and shift+w, shift+x, shift+y and shift+z keys.
Download Santali Keyboard

Note: If Antivirus block this tiny tool just avoid to block and mark as false positive.


Ho̠ṛ Katha For Android

Santali typing tool Ho̠ṛ Katha for android OS.The coolest feature of this keyboard to write Santali with unicode charecters including diactrical marks.

Download this APK file and install to your android phone. It works well upper versions of Android.

Settings: Go to your settings and change keyboard and language input method to Santali.

Ho̠ṛ Katha Apk for upper versions.Last updated on june 2018. Download Now.

Ho̠ṛ Katha 1.0.1 Apk for lower versions.Published on April 2016. .Download.

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